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Storkbio Ltd
Kämmu, Kupu, 74610 Kuusalu, Estonia
Phone +372 6604793
Peptide Synthesis

General overview
Peptides at Storkbio are synthesized within 1-2 weeks using Fmoc chemistry and purified by Reverse-Phase HPLC using columns C4 and C18. All peptides are analyzed by MALDI Mass Spectrometry to determine the molecular weight of the synthesized peptide and the presence of the desired product.
Peptides that meet the purity and mass requirements are then lyophilized, packed and shipped to the customer at room temperature by overnight dispatch.

Standard peptides
Storkbio's standard peptide package includes a 5-30 L-amino acids long peptide, with purity 55-75% (crude) and amount of 20 mg and 100 mg or with purity over 95% and with amount of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 mg. N-terminus has amine or acetyl, in C-terminus is free acid or amide. But of course, all other options are possible. Customer will get also HPLC and MS analysis data.

Peptide modifications

  • peptides with D-amino acids
  • peptides with phosphorylated Tyr, Thr or Ser
  • peptides with S-S bridges between two Cys
  • cyclic peptides
  • polylysine matrices
  • multiple antigenic peptides (MAP)
  • conjugations to proteins, fluorescent tags and dyes. For example biotin, HRP, KLH, BSA, OVA, cell-permeable peptide sequences, FITC, Cy3 etc.

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