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Storkbio Ltd
Kämmu, Kupu, 74610 Kuusalu, Estonia
Phone +372 6604793
Phospho-specific polyclonals

Polyclonal phospho-specific antibody service includes:

  • Synthesis of purified phosphopeptide and non-phosphopeptide
  • Conjugation of phosphopeptide to carrier protein (eg KLH)
  • Four immunizations of two rabbits, three rats or two guinea pigs with the conjugate
  • ELISA testing of collected serum against phosphopeptide and non-phosphopeptide
  • Two-step epitope-specific affinity purification of antibodies from 5 ml of serum (purification can be scaled up to purification of whole serum) and ELISA testing of fractions against both peptides. First purification is made against non-phosphopeptide and second purification against phosphopeptide.
Finally, customer will get:
  • 5-10 mg of both peptides, MS and HPLC analysis data
  • ~1 ml of preimmune serum per rabbit or 0.1 ml per rat or 0.1 ml per g. pig
  • ~30 ml of preimmune serum per rabbit or ~5 ml per rat (2 of 3 rats) or ~7 ml per g. pig (1 of 2 g. pigs)
  • ELISA test results
  • phospho-specific antibodies from 5 ml of serum or phospho-specific antibodies from whole serum.
Production takes 3.5-4 months, to get plenty of high affinity antibodies, recognizing phosphorylated form of corresponding antigen.


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